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Cloudike helps OEMs, mobile and internet service providers to acquire, retain and upsell their customers by offering a compelling cloud experience.

What is Cloudike?

Every day, more people are turning to business cloud storage solutions such as those provided by Dropbox or Box, in order efficiently collaborate with colleagues, partners and clients in simple and secure environment.

Every day, more people are turning to cloud storage solutions such as those provided by Dropbox, Google, and Apple in order to protect their files and have access to them anywhere.

One of the benefits of these services is access to their files not only on their PCs, but also on their smartphones and tablets.

Cloudike enables Enterprises and/or Service providers to extend their own ecosystem by providing a Cloud for Business service, similar to those provided by Dropbox or Box, but under their own brand, in their DC, within their infrastructure and without having to invest years of R&D.

Cloudike enables mobile carriers and device OEMs to extend their own ecosystem by providing a cloud service, similar to those provided by DropBox, Google, Apple but under their own brand and without having to invest years of R&D.

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Cloudike InterfaceCloudike Interface

Why Cloudike?

White-label & Highly Customizable

Look and feel of Cloudike can be customized according to your company branding and style guide. You easily deliver a new service with your own brand. We will help you to prepare customer-facing website, mobile and desktop application.

Easy Integration and Customization

Cloudike can easily be installed in your current infrastructure. Cloudike supports different authentication methods and any adhoc billing systems. It can be flawlessly extended and customized to fit your business needs.

Cost Effective

We are using best practices for business and software development and we are in love with lean methodology, which helps us to save money. This enables us to reduce the cost of our product for you.

Beautiful & Engaging

We have proven results here: More than 35% of users accessing Cloudike daily after initial contact and more than 65% users accessing Cloudike weekly after initial contact.

Cloudike is already used by :

  • Vodafone
  • Korea Telecom
  • LG
  • Megafon
  • Vestel

Deployment Options

Hosted :

  • Hosted and operated by Cloudike
  • No upfront storage investment
  • Ideal for initial launch
  • Starts with 50,000 users (scale as needed)

On-premise :

  • Hosted on customer own infrastructure
  • Backed by 24/7 technical support
  • Uses existing storage (installation of OpenStack, if required)
  • Ideal for large-scale launch
  • Starts with 100,000 users (optimal for 500K+ users)


  1. FileAPI


    FileAPI is a layer on top of object storage. FileAPI provides infrastructure and interfaces for file management with rich feature-sets.



    RapidSync is a real-time synchronization management subsystem. It is used to keep all user devices and the cloud synchronized. RapidSync is a patented technology and works really well.

    Built to Scale

    Built to Scale

    Cloudike is ready for multi million users installations. Every component of the Cloudike platform is easily scalable.

    Support of All Major Client Platforms

    Support of All Major Client Platforms

    Client applications are available for Web, MobileWeb, iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

    Support for Different Authentication Methods

    Support for Different Authentication Methods

    Not only E-mail address can be used as a login credential, but also mobile phone number, or credentials from your LDAP/AD or OAuth server.

    Integrated Billing

    Integrated Billing

    We provide APIs to integrate with carrier BSS systems and deliver flawless billing experience.

Why personal Cloud?

  • Subscribers retention (Mobile operator)

    Subscribers Retention

    Provide your subscribers with a long term home for their digital life.

    Compete with OTT

    with OTT

    Secure cloud marketshare by offering high-quality cloud service.

    Drive consumption of data plans

    Drive Consumption of
    Data Plans

    Via Uploads & Downloads of data to user's personal cloud.

Use Cases


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Huawei
  • Croc
  • Hortonworks


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  • Android Apps Review
  • examiner

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Company Info

Cloudike was founded in 2011 by a team of talented and highly skilled experts who possess a great passion for perfection. We have vast amounts of experience in cloud computing and various other scalable services/applications, storage technologies, data analysis and user experience.
Cloudike has branches in United States, Eastern Europe and Korea.

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