Professional services

Besides our monthly-updates product of Cloudike, we have a number of practices of custom development for specific customer needs:

Virtual Data Rooms - is a secure online repository or digital platform used for storing and sharing sensitive and confidential documents, typically during business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, due diligence processes, financial audits, legal proceedings, and other situations where data security and controlled access are crucial.

Virtual Data Room software is widely used by legal professionals, financial institutions, investment firms, and businesses involved in sensitive transactions or data-intensive projects. Its secure and controlled environment helps protect confidential information and streamline collaboration while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Our customers are from: Telecom and Financial industries..

B2C Customer Portals - is a secure online platform that businesses create to interact with and provide services to their individual customers or consumers. These portals are designed to enhance the customer experience by offering self-service options, access to account information, and various tools and features that allow consumers to engage with the business more effectively.

B2C Customer Portals are commonly used by e-commerce businesses, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, utility providers, and other consumer-focused organizations. They serve as a digital gateway for customers to engage with the business, access information, and complete various transactions conveniently and securely, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our customers are from: DataCenter and Financial industries.

Employee Intranet (also known as Corporate Intranet), is a private, secure digital platform used by organizations to facilitate communication, collaboration, and information sharing among their employees. These portals serve as centralized hubs where employees can access resources, tools, and company information necessary to perform their jobs efficiently and stay connected with colleagues and management. Here are key aspects and functionalities typically associated with Internal Employee Portals.

Internal Employee Portals play a vital role in enhancing employee engagement, improving communication and collaboration, and streamlining internal processes within an organization. They serve as a valuable resource for employees to access information and services efficiently, ultimately contributing to a more productive and informed workforce.

It becomes even more valuable, when HR departments take it as a tool. As a small company, you can save your employees’ details in Dropbox. But as your team grows, you’ll need a more organized system for managing employee information so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Cloudike-based employee directory can help here.

Our customers are from: Retail and Financial industries.

Mobile workforce app - is a software application designed specifically for employees who work remotely or on the go. These apps are designed to enable efficient communication, task management, make reports on the go by photo/video, access to important tools and resources while employees are outside of the traditional office environment. Mobile workforce apps are particularly valuable for organizations with field employees, remote workers, and those who need to stay connected and productive from various locations.

Mobile workforce apps are used across various industries, including field service, logistics, sales, healthcare, and construction, to improve efficiency, communication, and productivity among remote and mobile employees. They help organizations streamline operations, reduce manual processes, and better manage their mobile workforce.

Our customers are from: Railway and Asset-intensive industries.